The Montana Brewers Association was created in 2008 and is a statewide association of breweries organized for the purpose of promoting the production and sales of the freshest and highest quality Montana made beers. The MBA is the outgrowth of the earlier Montana State Brewers Association, created in 1997, and the members of the MBA are dedicated to education, public awareness and support for their products, profession, and history while documenting their economic impact and legal responsibilities throughout the state of Montana. The MBA members are committed to actively supporting and interacting within their respective communities as permissible under Montana law.

The MBA represents the growing community of small breweries operating throughout the state of Montana. The MBA was formed principally as an education medium to disseminate accurate and timely information to all levels of the Montana populace, regarding the increasing value and economic impact of the emerging brewing community. In doing so, the MBA hopes to promote the growth of fresh Montana made products and to both interact with and educate their respective communities about the brewing process as well as the responsible consumption of alcoholic products. The MBA is committed to playing a positive role in both the political and legal arenas and hopes to form strong alliances with retailers, the Montana Tavern Association, and the Montana Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association in developing and implementing modern legislation that benefits all three tiers of the current distribution system.