To supply quality equipment & service to the greater northwest.


To promote quality, reliability, and sustainability to all systems, through proper equipment installation & welding procedures. 

Einbrand is a unique company built on a foundation of experience and understanding of stainless steel.  Our roots started in 2010, when we began serving the water and wastewater industries with quality, USA- made, tools and custom fabrication. Since then, we have grown to specialize in the food & beverage industry, and Einbrand’s mission is to ensure longevity and growth to all systems.

Einbrand specializes in stainless steel applications for use in the food/beverage industry. Our experience with stainless steel ensures the work performed on your system conforms with current standards for sanitary (hygienic) applications. We work directly with several of the most reputable manufactures and distributors supplying the food/beverage industry, with top of the line equipment.  Several of our services include the design and instillation of Brew-houses, Boilers, Chillers, Glycol lines, sanitary process piping, system alterations/repairs, and custom one-on-one equipment design/fabrication.